Inside the Ravens with Aaron Wilson

Friday, September 23, 2011

Ravens sign a "new defensive tackle"

Chuck Pagano related a story about how John Harbaugh communicated the news of defensive tackle Haloti Ngata's five-year, $61 million contract to the coaching staff.

"John walked in the room, he wasn't with him, he just walked in the room kind of somber," Pagano said. "We're in the middle of game-planning, so it's kind of nobody's mind was even on that at that time. Obviously, it's been on our mind, but not at that time.

He walked in and said, ‘We signed a new defensive tackle.' And we're all looking around like, ‘I wonder who we cut and who we...'

And then big Haloti walked in. Obviously, we all went crazy. He deserves everything that he got. Obviously, having him around might keep us all around for another five years."

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