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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cameron will still work the sidelines as Ravens Offensive Coordinator

OWINGS MILLS - Unlike many NFL play-callers, Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron prefers to do his work from the sidelines.

He believes the vantage point helps him get a better feel for the game and allows him to interact directly with the players.

According to Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome, Cameron has no plans to change his approach next season.

"No, I think Cam is going to continue to be down on the field," Newsome said during a conference call with season ticket holders. "He likes to be down there with the action. Some people like to call it from up in the box, but he likes to be down there. He gets a chance to look the players in the eyes when they come off the field."

Newsome expressed confidence that the offense will improve because of the increased involvement of coach John Harbaugh and the time the offensive staff has put in since the end of the season.

The offense faltered during a playoff loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers as turnovers, penalties and dropped passes were among the self-inflicted wounds.

"The reason why I say we're going to be better from an offensive standpoint is that I've seen all the work they've done this offseason refining the offense," Newsome said. "One of the things we have in our head coach is .. he grew up in the game, coaching special teams and coaching on the defensive side. And you can see over the course of the three years he's been here, the progress that both of those elements of our game has gotten better.

"Now that he has that the way he wants it, now he can come over to the offensive side. What happens when you give a guy that understands defense coming over as a head coach to the offensive coaches, he can sit there and he can talk with them and say, ‘No, no, no. If I'm the defensive coordinator, I can defeat this.' So now they get another set of eyes."

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