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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ravens impressed with Yanda at tackle

Offensive coordinator Cam Cameron doled out some heavy praise for offensive tackle Marshal Yanda, a converted offensive guard.

Yanda hasn't started at tackle on a regular basis since his rookie season, but the former Iowa standout has improved each week this season.

"Marshal has been tremendous," Cameron said. "There aren't many guys that can bounce out to right tackle and the play at the level that he's playing. Obviously, a lot of football left, but he's just another one of the good football players we have here."

Yanda grew up on an Iowa pig farm and plays the game with a gritty, aggressive style.

"Marshal was really good in college," Cameron said. "I wasn't here his rookie year, but he played as a rookie. He's been a good football player for a long time. He's like a lot of these guys. They come in the league, they get a feel for the league, they get a little bigger, they get a little stronger.

"And they start to understand the personnel matchups they have each week. Marshal is just continuing to grow as a professional. He's about as dependable of guy as you'll ever come across."

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