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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nakamura ahead of schedule

Backup safety Haruki Nakamura has made an impressive comeback from surgery to repair a gruesome broken fibula suffered last season against the Cleveland Browns.

He participated in full-team drills on an extended basis for the first time this week.

"It's a good feeling to be back out there," Nakamura said. "I started out last week with a couple of plays. The coaches felt I was doing well enough and I felt physically well enough to take more steps. It's a great improvement.

"I've been really focused on getting back and getting healthy. This is just one of those steps you have to take to get better."

Nakamura is surprised to be back at practice this soon.

"With an injury like that, you never know if you can come back," he said. "I really focused on doing the things that got me here throughout my career and it really helped me out a lot."

Only last week, Nakamura was favoring his injured right leg noticeably and couldn't cut. He's still not quite 100 percent.

"I can run a lot better now, less of a gimp," Nakamura said. "When I first started out, I couldn't jog without limping. Now, I can get a full-speed burst and get back out there. I can make all my cuts on it now.

"At first, I was really overcompensating for it and depending on my left leg. I can do all my speed turns, can do cuts. I have a lot of confidence in it now."

And his personal erector set is still in his ankle from his surgery and may remain there until next year, if not longer.

Nakamura still has a metal plate and eight screws in his ankle.

"I'm debating whether I'll take it out next year," he said.

So far, he hasn't set off any metal detectors at airport security.

"I've flown a couple of times already," Nakamura said. "I haven't had an issue."

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