Inside the Ravens with Aaron Wilson

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ravens Quick Hits!

In the wake of New York Jets coach Rex Ryan being fined $50,000 for flipping off Miami Dolphins fans that were reportedly provoking him at a mixed martial arts event, Bisciotti was asked if Harbaugh would be less prone to losing his temper in a similar situation. "I think it was more likely to happen to him than John maybe," he said with a laugh. "Are you kidding me? John is the same way. I heard the guy was badgering Rex pretty good and maybe crossed the line. We all have things we wish we could take back. I'm not paying it for him, no, but that's Rex." ...

Asked if the Ravens are a player or two away from being in the Super Bowl, Bisciotti replied: "They say that's fool's gold, right? I mean, that you get caught up in that you're one or two players away. If we win a Super Bowl next year, then Ozzie will probably say that we were those two players away from it. When you look back at Sam Adams and Shannon Sharpe, I would say that those were the couple of pieces that got us over the hump in 2000. Stay tuned. If we win, then we'll tell you the guys that were the difference-makers in getting us there."

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