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Friday, February 5, 2010

Is Ozzie playing games with Troy Smith's agent?

Ravens backup quarterback Troy Smith's agent is adamant that he did request a trade for the former Heisman Trophy winner following the team's December loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Agent Ralph Cindrich, who represents the former Ohio State star, emphasized that he definitely contacted the Ravens.

Baltimore general manager Ozzie Newsome stated Wednesday that he hadn't received a trade request from Cindrich.

Cindrich said that he left messages for Newsome and wound up speaking directly with Ravens vice president of football administration Pat Moriarty a week or two later.

"Ozzie was called and message was left followed by call and good conversation with Pat," Cindrich wrote in an e-mail to the Carroll County Times. "How many calls does Ozzie return during season? Asked if I should get to Ozzie, answer from Pat no. You talk to Pat, message gets to Ozzie.

"I gave Pat heads up I needed to get word out. I am more than 90 percent sure that Ozzie was called about Troy wanting a trade."

During the Ravens' state of the team press conference, Newsome said he never heard directly from Cindrich regarding Smith.

"I have not heard from his agent," Newsome said. "And I know who his agent is personally, so I have not heard that."

When that comment was relayed to Cindrich, he issued the following reply:

"In a strict sense, Ozzie is correct but he was called and message left. Ozzie is a busy guy during the season. I don't know if I ever spoke with him during the season and I had a few good players there. Then I called, left a message with Pat Moriarty, and he called back after a week or two.

"I related the whole story telling him that Troy wanted to play and I felt it had to get out before the season was over because coaches and GM's were being interviewed, decisions were being made. I said if you want me to keep trying to get to Ozzie (and made some joke about going after him) I said I will."

Cindrich also issued a series of comments on his Twitter account Thursday.

"Baltimore Ravens: Ozzie Newsome's office called on Troy Smith trade at the time, message left, with call and conference with Pat Moriarty."

"Heard Ravens Ozzie Newsome did not receive formal Troy Smith trade request. Ozzie pretty please with sugar on top trade the friggin guy."

"Agent formal trade request not in rules-not seen in 40 yrs in #NFL. And what is Pat Moriaty-chopped liver? What, he doesn't pass on talks?"

Smith recently said he would love to play for his hometown Cleveland Browns. And his friend and former college teammate, Donte' Whitner, lobbied for the Buffalo Bills to trade for Smith.

However, it appears unlikely that Smith will ultimately be traded.

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