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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Why the Ravens missed on Baskett

WHY NO BASKETT?: The Ravens were heavily involved in discussions with free agent wide receiver Hank Baskett before he signed with the Indianapolis Colts.They made trade inquiries about him before he was placed on waivers by the Philadelphia Eagles. Then, they were in talks with Baskett the night prior to him signing with the Colts.

The Colts had an edge as far as having more time to get the 6-foot-4, 220-pounder acclimated to their offense with a Monday night game against the Miami Dolphins.

"Hank Baskett was a consideration," Harbaugh said. "We talked to Hank the night before it happened. In my opinion, Hank would have come here. He pretty much made that clear. Hank and I have a great relationship."Ultimately, the Ravens decided that it would have been tough to get Baskett up to speed in time for the Chargers game. Plus, the Colts really needed a receiver badly in light of Anthony Gonzalez’s two-month knee injury."

The Colts had an advantage of one more day,” Harbaugh said. “Their advantage was their opportunity to get Hank up and playing this week was much better than ours was. He wouldn’t have been here to practice until Thursday or Friday."

That was a little tougher for us to make a decision because when you bring somebody up, you’ve got to let somebody go. The most important thing for us this week was going to be the Chargers game. We had to keep that foremost. We tried to pull it off, but the fact that they play Monday night was the key."

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